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Accessibility Tools Framework (ACTF)

The Accessibility Tools Framework (ACTF) is a subproject of the Eclipse Technology Project.

ACTF is a framework that serves as an extensible infrastructure upon which developers can build a variety of utilities that help to evaluate and enhance the accessibility of applications and content for people with disabilities. A collection of example utilities will also be provided which were created on top of the framework such as compliance validation tools, assistive technology simulation applications, usability visualization tools, unit-testing utilities, and alternative accessible interfaces for applications. The ACTF componentry and the utilities will be integrated into a single tooling environment on top of the Eclipse framework. The framework components will function cooperatively with each other and with other Eclipse projects to provide a comprehensive development environment for creating accessible applications and content.

For additional details about the ACTF project, please visit the project proposal page.

Release 1.5 (Oxygen) is now available!

ACTF 1.5 including Visualization SDK is now available. Please visit downloads page and get ACTF components!

Join the Project

You can join the project, subscribe to the mailing-list, and discuss project issues in the newsgroup. We would like to hear from you!

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