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ACTF aDesigner build instruction

System Requirements

Build aDesigner by using ACTF SDK (recommended)

  1. Please follow instructions in the ACTF getting started documentation.

Build aDesigner from source code

  1. Prepare Eclipse and other pre-reqs. (See System Requirements)
  2. Obtain source code
    • Download Team Project Set file (*.psf).
    • Unzip the downloaded file and import Team Project Set file (*.psf) from Eclipse's 'File' -> 'Import' -> 'Team' -> 'Team Project Set' menu.
      • Committers: use your committer id and password
      • Others: user -> "anonymous", password -> "" (null)
    • Add Classpath Variable for OOo (if needed) from 'Window' -> 'Preferences' -> 'Java' -> 'Build Path' -> 'Classpath Variables' as below:
      Name: OOO_HOME
      Path: <OOo install dir> (e.g., "c:\Program Files\ 3")
  3. Launch aDesigner from workspace
    • Open 'org.eclipse.actf.examples.adesigner' project and select 'aDesigner.product'.
    • Select 'Synchronize' under 'Testing' section.
    • Select 'Launch an Eclipse Application' under 'Testing' section.
  4. Build aDesigner
    • Open 'org.eclipse.actf.examples.adesigner' project and select 'aDesigner.product'.
    • Open an export product wizard by selecting 'Eclipse product export wizard' under 'Exporting' section and follow the wizard.

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