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AspectJ 1.7.1 Readme

The full list of resolved issues in 1.7.1 is available here.


388971 Double Synthetic attributes on some around advice members
387718 RuntimeException when trying to compile broken code
387568 Warning "Xlint:unresolvableMember" for enums
387444 Softening exception in try-with-resources
386888 spring-data hello-worlds sample fails to compile with 1.7.0
386337 Light AOP Parser does not support declare-annotation
386049 Error "must implement abstract inter-type declaration" even though build is fine
384401 NPE when no pointcut in afterthrowing annotation style advice
384398 Type Mismatch error when using inner classes contained in generic types within ITDs
381906 ASPECTJ Internal Compiler Error
73507 Public ITD of fields on interfaces creates mangled members