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AspectJ 1.8.10 Readme

The full list of resolved issues in 1.8.10 is available here.

Notable changes

JDT Upgrade

The JDT compiler inside AspectJ has been upgraded to the Eclipse Neon.2 level (JDT commit #75dbfad0).


The Eclipse JDT compiler embedded inside AspectJ now requires Java 8, so that is the minimum required level to compile sources with AspectJ. However, if only doing weaving and no compilation then it is possible to use Java 7.

Annotation style around advice and proceed (Bug 500035)

A long standing issue that has been lurking in the handling of arguments passed to proceed for annotation style aspects has been fixed. If, at a joinpoint where 'this'/'target' differ (for example at some call joinpoints), the pointcut bound either 'this' or 'target' (but not both), then the system would still expect the advice to pass both 'this' and 'target' into the proceed call. With the fix here you only need to pass what you bind. So if you bind only 'this' you don't need to pass 'target' (and vice versa). This will affect users that have been working around this quirk by passing both 'this' and 'target'. That isn't necessary anymore. This fix is in aspectjrt.jar so you will need to be using the 1.8.10 version of aspectjrt.jar at runtime to pickup this change.