Lint messages

The table below lists some useful -Xlint messages.

aspectExcludedByConfigurationignore If an aspect is not being woven, despite being registered, it could be that it has been excluded by either an include or exclude element in the aspects section of META-INF/aop.xml. Enable this message to determine whether an aspect has been excluded.
adviceDidNotMatchwarning Issued when advice did not potentially affect any join points. This means the corresponding pointcut did not match any join points in the program. This may be valid e.g., in library aspects or code picking up error conditions, but often the programmer simply made a mistake in the pointcut. The best approach is to debug the pointcut.
invalidAbsoluteTypeNamewarning Issued when an exact type in a pointcut does not match any type in the system. Note that this can interact with the rules for resolving simple types, which permit unqualified names if they are imported.
typeNotExposedToWeaverwarning This means that a type which could be affected by an aspect is not available for weaving. This happens when a class on the classpath should be woven.
runtimeExceptionNotSoftenedwarning Before AspectJ 5, declare soft used to soften runtime exceptions (unnecessarily). Since then, it does not but does issue this warning in case the programmer did intend for the exception to be wrapped.
unmatchedSuperTypeInCallwarning Issued when a call pointcut specifies a defining type which is not matched at the call site (where the declared type of the reference is used, not the actual runtime type). Most people should use 'target(Foo) && call(void foo())' instead.