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The AspectJ release documentation answers common questions and describes language and tool usage. Other publications about AspectJ address topics in AOP, and code samples demonstrate common idioms. If you are new to AspectJ, follow the trail proposed in the released documentation.

AspectJ 5 Developer's Notebook

    The AspectJ 5 Developer's Notebook summarises changes made to the AspectJ language in AspectJ 5. These changes are not yet reflected in the programming guide.

AspectJ Documentation packages

    The AspectJ documentation package is included in the AspectJ download and linked below (both the most-recent released version and the next work-in-progress, as next). Parts are also included with the Eclipse AJDT plugin. For all contents, see the index next.

Online and external resources

Eclipse AspectJ book

Eclipse AspectJ Book Cover

Eclipse AspectJ the book, by some of the leading AspectJ committers

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