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BPMN2 Modeler - New & Noteworthy

Version 0.2.1 Bug Fixes (January 12, 2013)

What's new in this version:
  • The WSIL file support has been refactored and is now a separate installable feature. This allows the BPMN2 editor to be installed with minimal dependencies on other projects such as BPEL and WTP.
  • The minimal JVM target runtime is now set to 1.6 in the plugin manifests. This was causing some folks problems with installation.
  • According to the BPMN2 spec, Associations may have a direction and may be drawn with optional arrowheads to indicate a single or bi-directional association. These are now displayed correctly in the editor.
  • Although Associations don't have a "name" attribute, an extension plugin may want to extend this element and have the name appear as a label on the diagram next to the Association connection line. The editor has been enhanced to support this - see the sample runtime plugin for details of how this is done.
  • Keeping separate versions of the editor for backward compatibility with helios continues to be a problem mostly because of a breaking API change in Graphiti and SWT in indigo and juno. Now that the kepler release and Graphiti 0.10 is on the horizon, we anticipate additional build issues. To help mitigate these issues, the build.xml ant script has been enhanced to generate eclipse platform-specific dependencies for Graphiti, the BPMN2 metamodel and [possibly] others.
  • The sample runtime plugin has been enhanced to demonstrate many of the new features. Thanks to the community for helping to define the extension API.
  • Bug 396899 - Can't change event, gateway or data object names
  • Bug 395476 - Data Objects dropped into a SubProcess are not displayed
  • Bug 397474 - Allow plugin to set toolpalette drawer title for "Custom Tasks"
  • Bug 355632 - Message nodes missing from message links in collaboration diagram
  • Bug 374299 - Connection layout is inconsistent between editing sessions
  • Bug 355641 - Message links between pools are anchored using central point of connected nodes
  • Bug 355678 - Resized pool results in incorrect message flow start connection point
  • Bug 376484 - Moving (arrow) label does not work as expected when not zoomed 100%
  • Bug 396517 - Custom Tasks not appearing in BPMN2 Diagram Editor Palette

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