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BPMN2 Modeler - New & Noteworthy

Version 1.1.1 - Service Release (January 9, 2015)

This release includes several bug fixes from the previous 1.1.0 release. Here is a list of the bugzilla reports that have been addressed by this release:

  • Bug 435763 - IReconnectionFeature don't work with custom links.
  • Bug 417654 - Element selection should not be reset when switching back from source.
  • Bug 439149 - Tab switching between Process and SubProcess diagrams causes incorrect diagram to be drawn.
  • Bug 438604 - Offset in x,y coordinates between *.bpmn and exported Image.
  • Bug 439929 - Problems with importing WSDL that contains embedded XSD
  • Bug 423381 - Manhattan Router needs work.
  • Bug 425689 - Multiple outgoing sequence flows of a task.
  • Bug 440827 - Unable to remove participant process (whitebox)
  • Bug 443140 - Source for catch Link Events should be automatically configured
  • RH Bug 1113139 - Special characters are not allowed in the Task GroupID
  • Bug 443173 - In Condition Expression editor, "Condition Language" field doesn't show previously set value
  • Bug 442789 - Unable to set Message for Rceive Task
  • Bug 442752 - Connecting two elements from Palette with Sequence flow
  • Bug 441057 - Exception while creating connection form node to another connection
  • RH Bug 1144961 - Remove unnecessary Formal Expression features from details composite for "Actor" expressions.
  • Bug 432046 - Unclear how to set AdHocSubProcess completion condition. Hide Sub Process property tab for AdHoc Sub Process.
  • Bug 445017 - Regression: Tool Profile selection no longer works
  • Bug 444373 - Missing attribute StandardLoopCharacteristics in Preferences
  • Bug 445139 - jBPM Simulation Parameters are not saved
  • RH Bug 1139130 - Signal "ID" should be renamed in the eclipse BPMN designer in the same way as web designer
  • Bug 445230 - Appearance preferences not persisted between sessions
  • Bug 446154 - Unable to set onEntry/onExit script for embedded AdHocSubprocess
  • Bug 417015 - Missing 'drools' expression language for conditions.
  • RH Bug 1150074 - Add logic to properly display Start Events "Is Interrupting" and Boundary Events "Cancel Activity" attributes.
  • RH Bug 1150060 - Don't use targetNamespace prefixes for BPMN2 object ID references
  • RH Bug 1149515 - Bpmn2 Diagram Editor which comes with JBDS Integration Stack does not provide facility of writing On Entry / On Exit scripts for custom service tasks
  • RH Bug 1146739 - save progress is stopped
  • JBTIS Bug 332 - update poms to generate source bundles
  • Bug 436262 - DefaultMarkerBehavior is not cooperative. Causes files with many errors to appear to "hang" during loading.
  • Bug 448073 - Unable add more imports to *.bpmn2 model
  • Bug 447659 - Unable to delete Input Data Mapping of User Task
  • Bug 448947 - Modeler generates wrong xml after adding local process variable
  • RH Bug 1144961 - need a custom detail composite for Formal Expressions.
  • RH Bug 1155707 - changed name of DataOutput for CatchEvents, and DataInput for ThrowEvents to "event".
  • Bug 448573 - Error during adding element 'Lane' from category 'Swimlanes'.
  • Bug 446156 - Non jbpm options present in the editor when jbpm runtime is selected
  • Bug 443072 - Strange behavior of 'Append *' context menu
  • Bug 449371 - Support for replication of Pools and Messageflows in Process hierarchy.
  • RH Bug 1168846 - change "Called Activity" label to "Called Element".
  • Bug 444257 - Validation of 'Data Object' connected to 'Script Task'
  • Bug 450826 - Wrong validation of Event Sub-Process.
  • RH Bug 1172177 - Business Rule Task should support I/O Parameter mapping
  • Bug 454749 - Wrong Target Runtime is selected if a project does not define one
  • RH Bug 1173140 - Process id is not modifiable (for jBPM plugin only)
  • RH Bug SWITCHYARD-2484 - SY Service Task generates wrong data input references
  • RH Bug 1147940 - Incorrect validation of Ad Hoc process.
  • Bug 427470 - Refactor validation classes to allow Target Runtimes to override specific BPMN 2.0 core constraints. - Incorrect validation of Ad Hoc process

This release has also added some new features and fixes:

  • Handling of Pools and nested Lanes has been fixed. In some cases, deleting a nested Lane caused an NPE.
  • ServiceTask, SendTask and ReceiveTask I/O mapping and refresh problems were fixed.
  • The BPMN 2.0 DI element is now supported and referenced in elements.
  • Multiple connections origination or terminating on the same edge of a rectangle shape (Activity, Sub Process, etc.) are now evenly spaced along that edge for clarity.
  • The Graphiti version dependency has been narrowed to 0.11.0 instead of allowing 0.10.0 - 0.12.0 because a Graphi API method was changed.
  • The model validation framework has been reworked a bit to allow extension plug-ins to override model constraints for a particular BPMN2 model type. See Bug 427470 for more details.

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