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BPMN2 Modeler - New & Noteworthy

Version 1.1.2 - Service Release (February 10, 2015)

This release includes several bug fixes from the previous 1.1.1 release. Here is a list of the bugzilla reports that have been addressed by this release:

  • RH Bug 1168413 - BPMN2 editor does not generate the Assignment in dataInputAssociation for "Skippable" property for a User Task by default
  • Bug 455897 - Missing support for XPath conditions
  • RH Bug 1182875 - Package Name attribute should be validated by BPMN 2 diagram editor before running the process
  • RH Bug 1178839 - Process is deformed when special characters are used
  • RH Bug 1179075 - Modeler automatically change an input charactor to '_'
  • RH Bug 1183853 - Modeler replace a character '<' to "<" when user inputs charactoers to a business process id and save it
  • RH Bug 1184422 - Escalation and Signal in process definitions cause validation errors
  • RH Bug 1183743 - "Data Input Association has missing or incomplete Source" when UserTask is added
  • Bug 458294 - Property popup dialog does not update file dirty state when opened from Outline or Problems view
  • Bug 458431 - Regression: Morph activity/gateway no longer working
  • Bug 457995 - Regression: problem decorators are no longer drawn
  • RH Bug 1138987 - Expression language is not saved the first time after a new Timer Event is created
  • Bug 458443 - background of sections elements in ObjectEditingDialog are white
  • Bug 458665 - grid and canvas style preferences are ignored
  • Bug 454749 - Wrong Target Runtime is selected if a project does not define one
  • Bug 459185 - Problem messages are duplicated if WST Validation Builder is installed
  • Bug 454592 - Runtime Model enablement reference non working anymore
  • RH Bug 1188165 - Call Activity - Wait For Completion Attribute should be validate before running the process in BPMN 2 Diagram Editor
  • RH Bug 1188870 - BPMN2 files created with Web Designer can not be saved from Eclipse editor
  • RH Bug 1188909 - Interface Details Implementation Attribute should be validated by Java package naming rule in BPMN2 Diagram Editor
  • Bug 1168413 - BPMN2 process designed in Eclipse tooling plug-in/jBPM Web Designer does not generate the Assignment in dataInputAssociation for Skippable property for a User Task by default
  • Bug 459247 - Changing Output Parameter Mapping does not update Data Association connection
  • RH Bug 1134711 - Using JBDS process designer, user can set boundary error event without validation error, but the process will throw Exception at runtime
  • Bug 459470 - NPE thrown during creation of Process Property with new Data Type
  • Bug 459209 - Multiple-Instance Loop Characteristics and process variables are not linked
  • Bug 459466 - Target and sources for Intermediate Link Events

This release has also added some new features and fixes:

  • The Graphiti framework dependency was changed to require only 0.11. This is now aligned with the same version that is shipped with Eclipse Luna.
  • BPMN 2.0 Model validation has been reworked to allow extension plug-ins to override specific model element constraints. See Bug 427470 for details.
  • Double-click handling in the Outline and Problems views has been improved: a double-click on a node in the Outline view, or an error item in the Problems view will now display the Property sheet for the associated model object to allow immediate editing of the object.
  • The editor now performs a Live validation just before saving a file, and cancels the save process if the model is found to be corrupt (invalid ID string, duplicate IDs, etc.) This prevents the model file from being corrupted.
  • A new User Preference has been added to the Editor Behavior preference page, which allows Text fields to be limited to a maximum length. The default is 255 characters. Note that Multiline text boxes, such as those used for Documentation and Scripts, are not subject to this limit.

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