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BPMN2 Modeler - New & Noteworthy

Version 1.1.4 - Service Release (December 4, 2015)

This release includes several bug fixes from the previous 1.1.3 release. Here is a list of the bugzilla reports that have been addressed by this release:

  • Bug 462970 - SubProcess added via menu displayed on elements absorbs inner elements.
  • Bug 463362 - "Data Output has no Data Type" on any signal boundary event.
  • Bug 469872 - Custom SequenceFlow's extended properties doesn't work.
  • Bug 464028 - Missing "waitForCompletion" attribute for "Intermediate Throw Compensation Event".
  • Bug 470108 - Multiline text fields are persisted with " " as line delimiters on Windows OS.
  • Bug 470295 - Select All + Delete causes ClassCastException if selection contains a Group.
  • Bug 472174 - Event SubProcess may not have incoming or outgoing sequence flows.
  • Bug 476672 - jBPM Process ID validation is incorrect.
  • Bug 477103 - Incorrect use of "targetNamespace" to identify the Target Runtime of a bpmn2 file.
  • RH Bug 1182875 - Package Name attribute should be validated by BPMN 2 diagram editor before running the process.
  • RH Bug 1200000 - Wrong validation of process with parallel gateway.
  • RH Bug 1189454 - Multiple-Instance Loop Characteristics and process variables are not linked.
  • RH Bug 1213445 - User can't specify Interface for Service Task. Added ability to edit Interface name and implementation from ServiceTask, ReceiveTask and SendTask Operation editor.
  • RH Bug BPMSPL-124 - Task metadata being improperly stored in I18NText database table. This adds a Description field to UserTask.
  • RH Bug 1253594 - Diagram Editor does not allow to use a variable for "called element" in CallActivity.
  • RH Bug JBPM-4753 - Selection change handler in DesignEditor class should be filtering out events that do not apply to the current editor instance.
  • RH Bug 1235689 - Custom Service Task is losing information after round-tripping from Web Designer to JBDS
  • Bug 479851 - Kontextmenu Documentation Dialog does not store correct Documentation object
  • RH Bug 1227392 - Second level sub-process connections not rendering correctly
  • RH Bug 1265413 - Multi Instance subprocess not valid when validated
  • RH Bug 1263551 - Missing General tab in 'Edit Lane' popup.
  • Bug 480775 - DND of an Activity onto a Connection does not position the new Activity correctly
  • Bug 480881 - Morph element that involves a compound feature causes ClassCastException
  • Bug 481005 - Morph to UserTask in jBPM plugin is missing ioSpecification and DataInputs
  • RH Bug 1211647 - Definition of 'Data Type' in 'Create New Error' dialog fails
  • Bug 465939 - Call activity loop cause StackOverflowException
  • Bug 464052 - Adding a 3rd Pool element is not working correctly when Full-Profile is active
  • Bug 481500 - Class Cast Exception caused by MultiUpdateFeature
  • RH Bug 1218267 - Using escalation discards data type of process variable
  • Bug 481761 - Regression: Message selection for MessageFlow should be a combo box
  • RH Bug 1249658 - Input parameters of throw event affect process variables
  • RH Bug 1232661 - Property "independent" is set to 'false' when CallActivity is created

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