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BPMN2 Modeler - New & Noteworthy

Version 1.3.0 - Feature Release (June 25, 2016)

Here is a list of the bugzilla reports that have been addressed by this release:

  • Bug 383962 Reconcile BPMN2 element creation mechanisms
  • Bug 393034 Map Interface to ServiceTask
  • Bug 429639 Scan classpath for .wid/.conf files to add Custom Task to the palette
  • Bug 482083 bindAttribute - ObjectEditor is not working in some szenarios
  • Bug 482786 Can not open models created with different runtime
  • Bug 483689 ScriptTasks allow only 255 characters
  • Bug 484071 Drag and drop of call activity is corrupting the sequence flow
  • Bug 486320 Validation Error for an Property Fully qualified name
  • Bug 486970 Only Group name should be exposed by Group Property page for jBPM
  • Bug 487503 Switching from one editor to the other produces a SWTException
  • Bug 489619 bindAttribute did not work in case of copy&pase
  • Bug 373068 Custom task editor does not get displayed
  • Bug 393034 Map Interface to ServiceTask
  • Bug 461614 Unable to create/edit jBPM MetaData elements
  • Bug 477103 Incorrect use of "targetNamespace" to identify the Target Runtime of a bpmn2 file
  • Bug 486051 New EmfService.isObjectAlive() behaviour does not play well with GAs removal
  • Bug 486289 NPE when adding list items
  • Bug 488131 Select All + Delete causes NPE when Boundary Event is involved
  • Bug 488219 'I/O Parameters' tab not rendered correctly
  • Bug 488221 Unable to create custom WID for palette
  • Bug 488503 ResourcePropertyTester NPE prevents proper validation
  • Bug 488717 wrong layout of property tabs in property Dialog - createBindings() method
  • Bug 488792 Tool Palette extension point not working as expected
  • Bug 488889 MultInstanceLoopCharacteristics input and output data objects are not handled properly for Tasks
  • Bug 488991 Data Items in selection lists and tables should include context information
  • Bug 489223 Exception while opening bpmn Editor After Mars.2 Update
  • Bug 489265 Unable to add data object association
  • Bug 489266 Unable to add text annotation association
  • Bug 489375 Regression: Create Connection feature throws NPE when called from Java code
  • Bug 489441 Multiline text fields behaving badly
  • Bug 489442 Activity with Boundary Events not moved correctly when contained in a Group
  • Bug 489449 Add ability to increase height of multiline text fields
  • Bug 489903 ClassCastException for console view selection with Java Editor in focus from BPMEditor
  • Bug 490300 NPE thrown when WID files contain duplicate entries
  • Bug 492614 Edit button for the ID field provided by the editor
  • Bug 493058 I/O Parameters tab in Properties view for Custom task is blank
  • Bug 1141619 Boundary event should not be attached to Script Task in JBDS for jBPM
  • Bug 1188153 Global Variable Details Data Type Attribute should be validated before running the process in BPMN 2 Diagram Editor
  • Bug 1188592 Mapping Message from Receive Task to process variable
  • Bug 1279289 Multiple "None StartEvent"s should be validated by BPMN2 editor in JBDS
  • Bug 1288044 Scroll bar does not change size dynamically - making content inaccessible
  • Bug 1293238 Not possible to add metadata entry
  • Bug 1308969 Manual Task - missing data type for "task name" and "actor id"
  • Bug 1309950 JBDS Bpmn2 Diagram Editor - MetaData Tag Introduces Bad Namespace
  • Bug 1309953 JBDS Bpmn2 Diagram Editor 1.2.1.Final - Missing Prompt for Service Task Pop Up
  • Bug 1316040 Default service task I/O parameters not shown in "I/O Parameters" tab
  • JBoss Developer Login server
  • [JBPM-4860] Can not save file because "No targetNamespace defined"
  • [JBTIS-172] "JBoss jbpm5 runtime extension feature" is not using Red Hat license text
  • [JBTIS-471] Unify component versions

This release has also included the following changes and enhancements:

  • The WSIL plugin and feature have been removed from this version and will no longer be supported in future versions.
  • The expand/collapse of SubProcesses feature has been restored. Expanding a SubProcess will now move neighboring shapes so that they are no obscured by the expanded SubProcess.
  • The push down/pull up features have also been restored, and support for Message Flows between Pools has been added.
  • Property sheet redrawing has been improved: unnecessary updates caused by multiple model change notification events for the same object have been eliminated.

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