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BPMN2 Modeler - New & Noteworthy

M1 milestone (August 15, 2012)

This milestone represents a major overhaul of most of the Tabbed Property Sheet framework and related code. The builds are available here for Eclipse indigo (3.7) and helios (3.6).
  • Code cleanup
    The code that implements the "List and Detail" pattern for rendering BPMN2 element properties has been cleaned up so it is easier to maintain. Java generics were introduced to ensure that future runtime extension plugins will have an easier time with their implementations.
  • Migration to Graphiti 0.9.0
    The editor is now compatible with both Graphiti 0.8.2 and 0.9.0. There were several significant changes in Graphiti which requires us to maintain two separate code branches for Eclipse helios and for the latest versions of Eclipse (indigo and juno).
    While we are trying very hard to keep both branches in sync, there may come a time when the helios version can no longer keep up with enhancements and new features as we continue to improve the editor.
  • Compatibility with Eclipse juno.
    A happy coincidence, I'm sure
  • Usability improvements
    Cell editors were added to some of the lists to simplify property editing.
    Configuration popup dialogs were added as requested here. After dragging-n-dropping an item from the toolpalette onto the canvas, a popup dialog is displayed to allow configuration of certain aspects of the new item without having to hunt through the Tabbed Property Sheets. Of course these popups can be disabled through User Preference settings so we don't slow down the business analyst types who only want to capture a high-level flow without worrying about the details.
    I/O parameter mapping for Tasks and Events has been simplified.
  • Functionality added
    "File Save As" has been added.
    The editor now handles file rename/move and delete graciously, thanks to a patch contributed by the community.
    A new property tab was added for Annotations, also from a community contributor
  • Model validation
    Some rudimentary model validation has been added, thanks to contributions made by the folks at Camunda. Future enhancements will broaden the scope to include semantic validation, the addition of error decorators and "Problems View" integration.
  • File Import enhanced
    File import types now include BPMN 2.0 diagram files (i.e. other process files) as well as Java types. Although Java types are not explicitly called for in the BPMN 2.0 specification, in practice this is widely supported by execution engines and deserves first-class citizenship.
    Imports automatically create the appropriate BPMN2 elements for WSDL Port Types, Operations, Message Types and schema types (i.e. BPMN2 Interface, Operation, Message and ItemDefinition elements).
  • Various bug fixes, too numerous to mention.

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