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CDT Cloud hosts reusable components and best practices for building web-based, custom C/C++ tools based on a modern technology stack. Thus, CDT Cloud is not one single framework, but rather an ecosystem of platforms, components and frameworks that can be combined into a custom tool for a specific environment, e.g. an IDE for embedded software development with a specific family of boards.

To learn more about building a custom tool with CDT Cloud, involved platforms, components and frameworks, please use the table of contents on the left to navigate through the documentation pages.

➡️ A great starting point is the Overview section.

The source code of the CDT Cloud components is available on GitHub. With CDT Cloud Blueprint, there is also an example tool that demonstrates a custom C/C++ tool based on CDT Cloud. Also check out the additional external articles and videos about CDT Cloud.

We are continuously working on improving this documentation. If you feel something is missing, please file an issue and open a PR at the website repository.

If you need more help, please have a look at our available support options.