Run your favorite IDE on Kubernetes

Create a workspace from a Git repository or sample


Enjoy Development Again

Spend your time coding, not configuring your laptop


Quick onboarding.

  • A browser is the only requirement.
  • Click on a link and start coding
  • Automated git setup
  • Run your application on Kubernetes with no pain


Gain time.

  • No setup required.
  • Switch branch or project opening a new browser tab
  • Faster dependencies download from within the cloud.

Cloud Native

Repeatable, software defined, development environments.

  • Access the Kubernetes API from the IDE
  • Test your application in a prod-like environment


Same Code, different IDE

Swap the IDE as you would change your sunglasses

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

A fast and modern code editor built on top of Visual Studio Code Open Source. Configured to run in Kubernetes Pods.


Jetbrains IDEs

The IDEs for professional developers run with JetBrains Projector and deployed on Kubernetes.


Software defined development environments

The Devfile format is used to define development workspaces

Versioned with code
An Open Format

The Devfile is a CNCF project contributed by Red Hat, AWS and JetBrains.


Try Eclipse Che online

Using the online service hosted by Red Hat.

Or install it on your Kubernetes cluster

Deploy Eclipse Che on your public or private Kubernetes clusters


Read more about Eclipse Che with Blog Posts