Developer workspaces

Eclipse Che provides developer workspaces with everything you need to code, build, test, run, and debug applications:

  • Project source code

  • Web-based integrated development environment (IDE)

  • Tool dependencies needed by developers to work on a project

  • Application runtime: a replica of the environment where the application runs in production

Pods manage each component of a Che workspace. Therefore, everything running in a Che workspace is running inside containers. This makes a Che workspace highly portable.

The embedded browser-based IDE is the point of access for everything running in a Che workspace.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code - Open Source

Microsoft Visual Studio Code - Open Source is the default browser-based IDE.

Che adds these features:

Open VSX registry

The IDE uses the Open VSX registry to list and download extensions. The Che administrator can configure the Open VSX registry URL.

Recommended extensions

The IDE installs automatically the recommended extensions.

Che adds these extensions:


Translates Devfile commands to Microsoft Visual Studio Code - Open Source tasks.

  • To see the drop-down list of available tasks, type: F1 Tasks: Run Task Enter che.

Activity tracker

Tracks events provided by the Microsoft Visual Studio Code - Open Source to determine and stop inactive workspaces. This extension does not save, collect, or store data.


Provides helpers to interact with DevWorkspace and Che.

GitHub authentication

Provides support for authenticating to GitHub. It registers the github Authentication Provider that can be leveraged by other extensions. This also provides the GitHub authentication used by Settings Sync.


Detects opening ports and provides redirect URI. When a process starts listening to a port, Che displays a notification with a link to open the resulting resource.

  • To display the endpoint list, type: F1 Explorer: Focus on endpoints View Enter.


Provides commands for the remote authority.

Resource monitor

Monitors resources such as CPU and RAM.


Detects and sends the following events to a backend telemetry plugin listening on http://localhost:${DEVWORKSPACE_TELEMETRY_BACKEND_PORT}:


Sent when the telemetry extension activates


Sent on the vscode.workspace.onDidChangeTextDocument event


Opens a terminal to a DevWorkspace container.