Example of the Che Dashboard customized for Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces


Icons, labels and menu items can be customized. Eclipse Che components can be re-branded with the logos and labels of a company or a university for instance.

Containerize your favorite IDE and use it with Eclipse Che

Eclipse Che provisions development environments, including IDEs. Any IDE that can run in a container and can be accessed through a Web UI will work with Eclipse Che. The IDEs that are pre-packaged with Che are Open Source VisualStudio Code and JetBrains IDEs using JetBrains Projector.

Visual Studio Code JetBrains Eclipse IDE
Customize the set of samples

Update language stacks and code samples

The list of examples that are presented in Eclipse Che User Dashboard is customizable. Samples can be packaged as zip files or can live in a git repository.