Code, Build and Debug in your browser

Start coding in minutes, not days. Modern IDEs features are available in the browser and there is no need to locally install development tools.

Git Services Integration

Connect your GitHub, Gitlab or Bitbucket identity using OAuth.

GitHub GitLab Bitbucket
Eclipse Che badge in a README.md file Different styles of Che badges

Share development setups with a URL

Start coding with a click. Use a link to share your development environment with your team.

IDEs are packaged and distributed as Linux Containers

IDEs run remotely, in a Kubernetes Pod, and are accessible from a browser. Currently IDEs packaged and included with Eclipse Che are VS Code, JetBrains and Eclipse Theia.

Linux Containers

Enterprise Features

IDEs running in Che workspaces are configured to work in air-gapped networks, to trust an enterprise TLS certificate or to use a proxy to access external services. FIPS (U.S. Federal Information Processing Standards) are supported too.

Multi-tenant by default

Access to Eclipse Che workspaces requires authentication. The OIDC (OpenID Connect) protocol is used for authentication. Kubernetes RBAC is used to verify if a user is allowed to access a workspace.