The Eclipse Ditto team wished you a happy new year and is excited to announce availability of Ditto 3.5.0.

In 3.5.0 a lot of UI improvements are contained and several smaller but very useful features were added.
Thanks a lot to the contributors who contributed to this release, this is really appreciated.


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The main improvements and additions of Ditto 3.5.0 are:

Eclipse Ditto 3.5.0 focuses on the following areas:

  • Search in the history of a single thing using an RQL filter
  • Configure per namespace the fields to index in Ditto’s search index
  • Configure defined search count queries to be exposed as Prometheus metrics by Ditto periodically
  • Providing new placeholder functionality to the time placeholder, being able to add and subtract to/from the current time and to truncate the time to a given unit
  • Enhance WoT (Web of Things) JSON skeleton creation to be able to fail with an exception on invalid WoT models
  • Provide negative numbers when querying for the historical events of an entity (thing, policy, connection) in order to e.g. get “latest 10” events
  • UI enhancements:
    • Show policy imports in Ditto explorer UI
    • Enhance UI Operations functionality to be able to perform devops/piggyback commands
    • Allow editors in UI to toggle full screen mode
    • Display attributes in UI inside a JSON editor in order to correctly display structured JSON payloads
    • Enhance “Incoming Thing Updates” section by displaying “Action” and “Path” in the table and adding a dropdown to select the amount of details to show per event
    • Add client side filter option for filtering Incoming Thing Updates and Connection logs

The following non-functional work is also included:

  • Configured docker-compose to by default retain only the last 50m of log messages per Ditto service
  • Migrated SLF4J to version 2.x and logback to version 1.4.x
  • Benchmark tool improvements and fixes
  • Improve cluster stability when running in Kubernetes, e.g. on updates or k8s node-shutdowns

The following notable fixes are included:

  • Fix enriching Thing creation events with the inlined _policy
  • Fixed that Ditto’s own calculated “health” was not exposed to the /alive endpoint scraped by Kubernetes to check for aliveness of single services
  • Fixed that no cache was used when updating the search index when an “imported” policy was modified

Please have a look at the 3.5.0 release notes for a more detailed information on the release.


The new Java artifacts have been published at the Eclipse Maven repository as well as Maven central.

The Ditto JavaScript client release was published on

The Docker images have been pushed to Docker Hub:

The Ditto Helm chart has been published to Docker Hub:


The Eclipse Ditto team