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           Getting started

           Basic Concept

           User Scripts

           Supported Script Engines

           Writing Script Modules

Blog Posts

           Trace Compass Scripting Engines Benchmarks

           Trace Compass Scripting: Empowering Users With Their Trace Data Analysis

           Building UIs with EASE

           Launching with EASE

           Unit Testing with scripts in EASE

           Live charting with EASE

           EASE scripts conquer the UI

           How to use Python to hack your Eclipse IDE

           Eclipse Scripting Basics (EASE)

           A new script engine for EASE

           Writing modules for EASE

           Eclipse EASE: Scripting für alle! (german)


EclipseCon Europe 2018

           EASEy IDE extensions without Plugins
           SysBox: An Eclipse Story

EclipseCon Europe 2017

           And the people said, “Let there be scripts”

EclipseCon France 2017

           How EASE unleashes the scientific power of Airbus' engineers in Eclipse

EclipseCon Europe 2016

           EASE-ily make the most of Eclipse with Python
           Elevate your IDE with scripts

EclipseCon France 2016

           Elevate your IDE with scripts

EclipseCon Europe 2015

           I love scripting

EclipseCon Europe 2013

           Scripting, baby!

Further videos

           Scripting in Eclipse RCP-based applications
           Eclipse EASE
           Easy scripting, easy modeling

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