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ECF Contributors

This page provides information about resources for Eclipse ECF contributors.

See ECF Wiki for further information about plans, sub-projects, meetings, etc.

If you are writing code to make ECF itself better, consider yourself a contributor. If you are a user taking advantage of ECF's incredible features to write your own software, then consider yourself a user.

Contributors should look for information mainly at the mailing list. while users should focus on the Eclipse newsgroup. Both groups may be interested in the Eclipse Wiki.

The distinction between users and contributors is somewhat blurred if you are using ECF to contribute software to another Eclipse project. If you fall in that category, look at both user and contributor information.



The Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) API documentation uses Javadocs. To look at the API documentation, click javadocs.

Mailing List

The ECF mailing list is for developers working on ECF code to discuss development related issues.
If you are "kicking the tires" or using ECF to develop your own communications applications,
please post questions on the newsgroup rather than the developers mailing list.

You must subscribe to the ecf-dev mailing list if you want to send email to that list.

You can read the mailing list archive without joining the list.

Anonymous Access to ECF Source Code

To load ECF source code into your workspace

  1. Get a recent Eclipse version (
    1. If not present, install egit via p2 (
    2. Clone the git repository from the view menu "Clone a git repository and add the clone to this view"

    3. Import all projects from the context menu of the newly created git repo, using Import Project....

      If you are an ECF committer, and able to use a ssh connection instead of https.

    Anonymous git server info

    • Host:
    • Repository Path: /eclipse/ecf.git
    • Connection method/protocol: https (or ssh for committers)

    ECF Code Conventions

    ECF has decided to use the Equinox Coding Conventions. Also on this page are links to java source code formatter to use in Eclipse to easily enforce these conventions.

    ECF Wiki

    You can find a great deal of information about ECF on the ECF Wiki

    Bug Reporting

    Please use Bugzilla to report any bugs you find.


    The Eclipse Communications Framework newsgroup is for anything and everything ECF related.
    You will need a newsgroup username and password from to participate



    The following are introductory presentations and tutorials.

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