Uses of Interface

Packages that use IIMMessage

Uses of IIMMessage in org.eclipse.ecf.presence

Classes in org.eclipse.ecf.presence that implement IIMMessage
 class IMMessage
          Abstract superclass for different types of messages.

Uses of IIMMessage in org.eclipse.ecf.presence.chatroom

Subinterfaces of IIMMessage in org.eclipse.ecf.presence.chatroom
 interface IChatRoomMessage
          Chat room message.

Classes in org.eclipse.ecf.presence.chatroom that implement IIMMessage
 class ChatRoomMessage
          Chat room message implementation class.

Uses of IIMMessage in

Subinterfaces of IIMMessage in
 interface IChatMessage
          Chat message.
 interface ITypingMessage
          Typing message.
 interface IXHTMLChatMessage
          A chat message that has XHTML bodies.

Classes in that implement IIMMessage
 class ChatMessage
          Chat message concrete class.
 class TypingMessage
          Typing Message implementation class
 class XHTMLChatMessage
          XHTML chat message.