How-To: Installation and Running of the ScribbleShare Tutorial

Last updated: April 10, 2006

This simple how-to is a step-by-step description of how to install and run the ScribbleShare ECF tutorial plug-in. It should guide you to having a working ECF demo in minutes.

The screenshots are based upon version 3.2 M5a of the Eclipse SDK and version 0.7.5 of ECF.

Step 0: Prerequisites

Download and upack into the same directory the latest milestone or stable release of Eclipse 3.2 and compatible versions of EMF, GEF, and ECF. Currently, these consist of the following files for windows (similar files exist for other platforms):

After installing Eclipse, EMF, GEF, and ECF, verify that they are all available in your Eclipse environment:

Step 1: Start Your ECF Test Server

Step 2: Run Eclipse and import the ECF tutorial

Step 3: Launch the tutorial plugin in another workbench

Step 4: Connect workspace to ECF server

Step 5a: Open ScribbleShare View

Step 5b: Open Another ScribbleShare View

Step 6: Bonus Demo If Another Networked Computer Available