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Eclipse Debug Project

The Eclipse Debug Project is not a single project unto itself, it is in fact comprised of two distinct sub-projects: Platform Debug and JDT Debug.

Platform Debug

The Debug component of the platform defines language independent facilities and mechanisms for:

  • Launching programs
  • Source lookup
  • Defining and registering breakpoints
  • Event notification from programs being debugged
  • A language independent debug model
  • A language independent debug UI

The Debug component of the platform defines interfaces for a language independent debug model, which abstract common debugging features of many languages. The Debug component of the platform does not provide an implementation of a debugger, it is the duty of other plug-ins to provide language specific implementations of debuggers.

JDT Debug

JDT Debug implements Java debugging support and works with any JDPA-compliant target Java VM. It is implemented on top of the language independent "debug model" provided by the platform debugger.

JDT debug provides the following debugging functionality:

  • Launching of a Java VM in either run or debug mode
  • Attaching to a running Java VM
  • Expression evaluation in the context of a stack frame
  • Scrapbook pages for interactive Java code snippet evaluation
  • Dynamic class reloading where supported by Java virtual machine

Both Platform and JDT Debug are built into Eclipse and ship as part of the Eclipse SDK.

New and Noteworthy

The JDT debug component is very responsive to new ideas, feature requests and bug reports. The following is a list of some of the newest and more interesting additions to the component.

Up To The Minute

  • Our manual testing programs our now available for download. Happy testing!
  • Platform debug has been migrated to Git, the new repository can be found here
  • JDT debug has been migrated to Git, the new repository can be found here

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