Eclipse 3.1 by the numbers

´┐ŻNumbers alone confer no advantage.´┐Ż
--Sun Tzu

Back by popular demand, here are some interesting statistics that highlight
the past year of development on Eclipse 3.1. All figures are for the Eclipse 3.1
development period only, from June 29, 2004, until June 28, 2005, and cover
only the Eclipse SDK components (Platform, JDT, and PDE), and their corresponding
newsgroups, mailing lists, and bugzilla products. Figures on the Eclipse source
code refer to the deployed SDK code, excluding all test and example code. The
download figure is a click count of download requests at, including
downloads served by mirrors. Direct access to mirrors, bit torent downloads,
and other download sharing are not included.

Compare with numbers for Eclipse 3.0.

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Plug-ins: 89

New plug-ins in 3.1: 13

Increase in size of the SDK download (from 3.0): 18,273 KB

Decrease in size of the SDK installed footprint (from 3.0, 32KB block size): 6,688 KB

Size of the smallest plug-in (org.eclipse.swt): 1.6 KB

Size of the largest plug-in (org.eclipse.jdt.ui): 6,580 KB

Days in the Eclipse 3.1 development period: 365

Milestone builds: 7

Integration builds: 215

Committers: 133

Best laid plans...

Plan items: 45

Plan items marked fixed: 31

Number of milestone New & Noteworthy entries on J2SE 5.0 features: 50

Number of milestone New & Noteworthy entries on the preferences dialog: 10

API changes after the "official" API freeze (April 1): 49

Builds after the "final" release candidate (RC4): 5

Builds delayed by fire (Oregon): 1

Builds broken by lightning strike (Beirut and Ottawa): 2

Download requests for Eclipse 3.1 in the first 24 hours after release: 167,427

Coding and testing

Java source files: 11,548

Lines of Java source code: 2,425,709

Lines of XML source code: 57,533

GIF files: 1,890

Instances of the word "foo" in the source: 362

Instances of the word "todo" in the source: 1,183

Instances of the word "hack" in the source: 50

Most CVS revisions for one file ( 486

Number of files in the "monster" workspace used for scalability testing: 68,087

Automated JUnit tests run every build: 31,454

Automated performance tests run every build: 387

Number of machines dedicated to automated testing: 6

Most tests for a single component (JDT Core): 17,764

Least tests for a single component (compare): 23

Curries consumed: 686

The community weighs in

Number of newsgroup posts: 32,223

Number of mailing list posts: 7,792

Number of Eclipse related blogs: 27

Number of page views: 500,000,000

Most newsgroup posts by an individual (Steve Northover): 797

Lines of poetry sent to the platform-releng mailing list: 4

Google hits for the exact phrase "Eclipse 3.1": 141,000

Google hits for "Eclipse Java 5.0": 449,000

Google hits for "Eclipse 3.1 performance": 202,000


Average Bugzilla queries per day: 600,000

Bugzilla bug or enhancement reports entered: 21,831

Bugzilla reports resolved (fixed, wontfix, duplicate, etc): 20,789

Bugzilla reports fixed: 9,871

Emails to webmaster reporting Bugzilla was slow: 48

Emails to webmaster reporting Bugzilla was fast: 1

Most bugs reported by an individual (Markus Keller): 727

Most bugs marked fixed by an individual (Darin Swanson): 680

Most bugs commented on by an individual (Dani Megert): 2,453

Most bugs owned by an individual (Tod Creasey): 982

Most bugs marked invalid, worksforme, or duplicate by an individual (Dani Megert): 664

Most comments on a single bug (37683): 202

Largest bug CC list (36938): 88

Bugs fixed with more than one vote: 140

Performance bugs fixed: 244

Bug reports written entirely in verse (100918 and 100924): 2