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Platform and Equinox

Views, Dialogs and Toolbar

Quick Switch Editor dialog shows path The Quick Switch Editor (Ctrl+E) dialog for editor selection now shows the path of the resource along with its filename.

Workspace selection dialog offers completion proposals The Workspace selection dialog now shows completion proposals making it easier to pick a workspace with the keyboard.


Themes and Styling

Improved drawing of the chevron button of tab folders When a CTabfolder contains more tabs than that can be displayed, the chevron button appears showing the number of tabs that are hidden.
This chevron button doesn't have transparency artifacts anymore, making it more readable especially in the dark theme.

Chevron image in dark theme before and after

Chevron image in light theme before and after

The number shown on the chevron button is limited to 99. When greater than 99 it shows the string "99+". On macOS this text is no longer truncated.

Truncated number of tabs before and after

Combo box styled in Windows Dark theme Leveraging the SWT support to style the read-only Combo, the combo boxes are now styled in the Dark theme on Windows.

Old style:

New style:

General Updates

Dropped support for 32-bit platforms Eclipse and eclipse based applications no longer run on 32 bit platforms or 32 bit JVM. Only 64-bit platforms/JVM are supported.
Dropped support for GTK2 GTK2 is no longer a supported target environment for Eclipse/SWT on Linux in 4.10, and Eclipse/SWT applications will no longer run on GTK2. Furthermore the SWT_GTK3 environment variable is ignored, as only GTK3 is supported now.

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