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Platform and Equinox

Views, Dialogs and Toolbar

Filter field for configuration details A filter field has been added to the Installation Details > Configuration tab. This allows much faster lookup of specific information from the system details by showing only lines containing the filter criteria.

Configuration Filter

Text Editors

Open-with does not store the editor relationship anymore The menu entry "Open With > ..." does not store the selected editor as default editor for the selected file as this was undesired in most cases and lead to confusion. Also, removing this association was not easy for the end user. The user can still assign a editor to a certain file type via the "Open With > Other..." dialog.


Enable word wrap on console output A new preference Enable word wrap is available in the Console preference page. This setting persists the current state of the "Word wrap" toggle on the console view between user sessions. By default, word wrapping is disabled on console output.

Themes and Styling

New "System" theme A new "System" theme is available in the Appearance preference page. This theme is built using system colors, and as a consequence integrates well in any OS and OS theme.

This screenshot shows the System theme in action under several GTK themes:

GTK Adwaita:

GTK Adwaita Dark:

GTK Kripton:

GTK Dark Mint:

Windows dark theme styles progress bars The progress bar in the dark theme on Windows OS is now styled:

Light theme on macOS The Light theme for macOS has been updated to fit the latest macOS design.




Terminate descendants of operating-system processes launched by Eclipse Some types of launch-configurations start operating-system processes when launched from Eclipse. When you terminate the corresponding process before it completes (for example by clicking the terminate button, the red square) that operating-system process is destroyed. Now the descendants of that process, its child-processes created by the main-process and their children recursively, are destroyed too.

General Updates

Ant 1.10.9 Eclipse has adopted Ant version 1.10.9.

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