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Platform and Equinox

Text Editors

Horizontal Scrolling in Text Editor You can now scroll horizontally in the Text Editor using Shift+Mouse Wheel and touchpad gestures on Windows. Horizontal scrolling with touchpad already works on Linux and macOS.


Find Next/Previous in Console View In the Console view, you can repeat your last search in the forward or backward direction in the following ways:
  • Right-click in the Console view, then select Find Next or Find Previous.
  • Use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+K or Ctrl+Shift+K.

Disable All in Breakpoints view In the Breakpoints view, you can disable all the breakpoints using the new Disable All context-menu option available on right-click.

Termination of child processes of launched OS processes can be configured Since Eclipse 4.18 child processes (descendants) of an operating system process launched from Eclipse are terminated too, when the launched process is terminated (for example by clicking the terminate button).

It is now possible to configure in the Launch Configuration whether the child processes of a launched process should be terminated too or if they should stay alive, in case the launched processes is terminated. You can control this with the checkbox Terminate child processes if terminating the launched process in the Common tab of the Run/Debug Configurations dialog. By default this checkbox is selected and child processes are terminated too.


External browsers on Windows On Windows, the list of recognized External web browsers has been updated to include:
  • Microsoft Edge (%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe)

General Updates

Equinox Linux Security JNA Fragment A new fragment has been added for Linux password security using JNA. This new fragment replaces the old JNI x86_64-specific fragment and supports all Linux architectures.

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