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Platform and Equinox

Views, Dialogs and Toolbar

Manage trusted PGP keys The Install/Update > Trust preference page supports adding or removing PGP public keys that are trusted by default during the installation process. Artifacts signed with a secret key corresponding to one of the trusted public PGP keys will install without prompting the Trust dialog.
Stable Sort Order in Progress View The Progress View will not move jobs down anymore. New jobs are always added at the bottom. That makes it easier to hit the right cancel button.

Old behaviour: long running job jumps around.

wild moving

New behaviour: long running job stays on top.

stays on top


Debuggers can show values inline The Run/Debug preference page now has a new option to allow to show debug values inline on text editors. When enabled, this will print debug values as a code minings annotation on the end of line. The values shown would then react to change in the debug context as you navigate through the execution.

This is an experimental feature and since this requires extra effort for the debuggers to enable it, not all debuggers may support it yet e.g. Java debugger does not support it yet.

Debug Preference


Large File Associations preferences A new set of preferences is added, that can specify which editor is used to open large files of a specific type. This allows users to specify editors that scale better for large project files: e.g. a text editor for large generated sources, or an external editor for very large files that are not handled well by Eclipse editors.

The preferences can be set via the respective preference page: General > Editors > Large File Associations

Large File Associations preference page

The preferences can also be via product customization (-productCustomization <path to file>), e.g. contents:

# all types with a preference, needed by the preference page UI

# default, show prompt for all to types that don't have a preference

# specific editor associations per type and file size

Themes and Styling

Windows dark theme uses natively styled buttons The buttons on Windows OS now use the native support in dark theme.

New native look and feel:

Old look and feel:

General Updates

Process ID in Debugger Eclipse Debug framework can now show process ID (pid) of the started processes. The pid is shown (if supported by the concrete debugger implementation) in the Console view description and Properties page for the process.

Process properties page shows process ID

This should work out of the box for all processes using or extending org.eclipse.debug.core.model.RuntimeProcess, and can be easily added to other processes by specifying IProcess.ATTR_PROCESS_ID process attribute.

Additionally, the Java debugger now shows process id for the process element in the Debug view.

Debugger shows process ID

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