Eclipse Project 4.5 M1 - New and Noteworthy

Here are some of the more noteworthy things available in milestone build 4.5 M1 (August 8, 2014) which is now available for download.
We also recommend to read the Tips and Tricks, either via Help > Tips and Tricks... or online for Platform, JDT, and PDE.

Improved rename & copy resource dialogs The Rename Resource dialog on resource files now pre-selects the file name without the extension.

When you copy/paste (Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V) a file onto itself to create a duplicate, the proposed new name is now just the old name followed by the digit 2 (or 3, etc., if that name is already taken).

Products can set default preference values In the Product Editor you can now use an Eclipse Preferences File ("*.epf") to generate the default preference settings in the product's customization file.

A wizard allows you to control which files to use for generating the preference defaults.

Category editor can specify additional update repositories In the Category Manifest Editor you can now specify additional update repositories that should be referenced by the generated update repository. These additional repositories will be searched for content whenever the generated repository receives a request for content.

Category editor can define download statistics In the Category Manifest Editor you can now specify a download statistics server that should be used to collect download statistics about your product. You can also specify which features and/or bundles should be used to collect download information.

New Ant icons The icons in Ant have been updated with some very nice new PNG versions.

Some of the new Ant images

New stepFilters extension point The new stepFilters extension point allows clients to provide new step filters for existing debug models without having to extend those models.

To use the new extension point, clients will require a dependency on org.eclipse.debug.core. Clients can then access any contributed step filters using the new API: org.eclipse.debug.core.DebugPlugin.getStepFilters(String).

An example of the new extension point:

<extension point="org.eclipse.debug.core.stepFilters">
Word wrap in the Console A new formatting option has been contributed to the Console view for all I/O consoles: Word Wrap.

The new option is available on the Console view toolbar and in the content popup menu within the Console view.

The new word wrap toolbar and popup menu command