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Platform Search 3.4 Plan

Platform Search 3.4 Plan

Last revised 12:41 CEST July 2, 2007

This plan is under continuous refinement. Please send comments about this plan to the developer mailing list.

Overall Goals

This section lists the goals for Eclipse 3.4 for the Platform Search component as listed on the Eclipse Project 3.4 Plan.

[1] Performance. Monitor overall performance and memory consumption which includes the addition of new performance tests for new features.

[2] Reliability. Allow clients to plug-in their help documentation, replace usage of deprecated APIs and fix critical bugs.

[3] Keep Eclipse vibrant and attractive. Allow to see line numbers in matches and use the Refactoring UI to replace matches.

Work Items

This section lists the possible work items for Eclipse 3.4 for the Platform Search component with the [corresponding theme]. Some of those items have a higher priority than others.

  • UI Improvements [3]

    • show line number in matches (bug 47136)
    • use refactoring support to replace matches (bug 49114)
  • Adopt New APIs [2]

    • use new Field Assist API for Regex fields (bug 132833)
  • General Items [2]

    • 3.3.x maintenance work
    • allow to plug-in help documentation (bug 99120)
    • look at bugs with patches and review those
Bug Tracking
item is under development. item is under investigation.
item is finished. ( ) item is time permitted.
[xyz] item is deferred (>) from xyz or continues in xyz. new


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