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WebDAV and FTP Support

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These plugins provide Target management support. They will enable users to manage files between a local location (either the local filesystem or an Eclipse workspace) and a remote location (by using FTP or WebDAV). Note that these plugins are not under active development.


The FTP and WebDAV plugins have been structured in such a manner that they can be used in either a RCP application or with the full Eclipse SDK. The plugins are organized as follows:


The Core plugins are responsible for providing the base infrastructure needed to create FTP and WebDAV clients.


The Target group of plugins provide the main funtionality for Target Management. They sit on top of the Core plugins and provide full FTP and WebDAV client implementations that will run in an RCP application.


The Team plugins add Sync View support for WebDAV and FTP. They sit on top of the Target layer.


  • The WebDAV and FTP plugins are built as part of the platform build. Click on whatever build you're interested in and scroll down to the "FTP and WebDAV Support" section.
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