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Eclipse Platform Workspace 3.7 Development Plan

Eclipse Platform Workspace 3.7 Development Plan

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Eclipse Project 3.7 Plan items that affect Platform Workspace

  • None of Eclipse 3.7 plan items affects the current plan.

Overall Platform Workspace 3.7 Plan

The overall themes for this release are detailed below (Note, at this point, these are just items that we could potentially address):

  • Adopt new menu/commands (196349): The new menu/commands story has been evolving over the last few releases and should be in a state in 3.6 that will allow the Team, Compare and CVS plug-ins to adopt the support.

3.7 Development Effort

The extensive list of candidates for the 3.7 cycle is available here.

item is under investigation planned
item is under development extended
item is finished shortened
new deffered or moved
< or > moved or deferred
postponed to another release
Task description M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 3.6.x
Resources Improvements
NatureManager is NOT threadsafe causing incorrect responses to isNatureEnabled() (and others) (Bug 307587) finished 3.6.2
Call to IResource.setEncoding() persists derived file's encoding setting in .settings\org.eclipse.core.resources.prefs (Bug 207510) under development finished 3.6.2
Move org.eclipse.core.resources plug-in to Java 1.5 (Bug 311012) finished
[Filters] Resource Filters could use Markers to keep filter descriptions (Bug 298100)
[Filters] The filter overlay doesn't show up when a filter is set up (Bug 295063)
[resources] namespace versioning confused when delete/create is used instead of replace (Bug 20036)
Concurrent Modification Exception in AliasManager.updateAliases due to refresh (Bug 251370)
IResource methods that causes the .project file to be written need to scale with large projects (Bug 271912)
Resources Filters should support flattening a folder hierarchy (Bug 313691)
The Resource Filter UI should be extensible and re-usable by other Eclipse components (Bug 313689)
Resources should support performance analysis and probing (Bug 313690)
Compare Improvements
Provide a way to disable capping in the comparison algorithm (Bug 307280) finished 3.6.2
History View
Bug 188278 is back: History view often not updated (Bug 294042) finished
[History View] Double-click in single-click mode should activate editor (Bug 248135) finished
Files lost from CVS when replacing with nonexistent version (Bug 323628) finished
Team/CVS Improvements
Team > Merge operation for project contains logical model always show no changes between two branches (Bug 315694) finished finished
Commit, Apply Patch and Synchronize no longer take keybindings (Bug 306173) finished finished
Exception when trying to commit a lot of projects (Bug 299538) finished finished
[Project Sets] Be able to import a .psf file directly from a URL (Bug 162608)
[Sync View] Compare editor opened by Synchronize view only shows right author (Bug 138853) finished
Regressions introduced by SaveablesCompareEditorInput (Bug 275153)
[Sync View] Regressions in model sync when compare to old style sync (Bug 172027)
create patch dialog does not always select all files (Bug 294650)
Rename does not appear as change (Bug 62547) finished
Branch / version dialog should allow to continue with the user input (Bug 292833)
Patch wizard excludes changes in projects that it can't connect (Bug 319661)
CVS ignores linked resources (Bug 41929)
API to configure and import SCM URLs bug (Bug 326926) finished
API and UI to configure SCM URLs for import (Bug 330490) under development under development

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