Annotation Type XmlAnyAttribute

  • @Retention(RUNTIME)
    public @interface XmlAnyAttribute

    Maps a JavaBean property to a map of wildcard attributes.


    The @XmlAnyAttribute annotation can be used with the following program elements:

    • JavaBean property
    • non static, non transient field

    See "Package Specification" in javax.xml.bind.package javadoc for additional common information.

    The usage is subject to the following constraints:
    • At most one field or property in a class can be annotated with @XmlAnyAttribute.
    • The type of the property or the field must java.util.Map

    While processing attributes to be unmarshalled into a value class, each attribute that is not statically associated with another JavaBean property, via XmlAttribute, is entered into the wildcard attribute map represented by Map<QName,Object>. The attribute QName is the map's key. The key's value is the String value of the attribute.

    Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    1.6, JAXB 2.0