Annotation Type XmlEnumValue

  • @Retention(RUNTIME)
    public @interface XmlEnumValue
    Maps an enum constant in Enum type to XML representation.


    The @XmlEnumValue annotation can be used with the following program elements:

    • enum constant

    See "Package Specification" in javax.xml.bind.package javadoc for additional common information.

    This annotation, together with XmlEnum provides a mapping of enum type to XML representation.

    An enum type is mapped to a schema simple type with enumeration facets. The schema type is derived from the Java type specified in @XmlEnum.value(). Each enum constant @XmlEnumValue must have a valid lexical representation for the type @XmlEnum.value()

    In the absence of this annotation, is used as the XML representation.

    Example 1: Map enum constant name -> enumeration facet

         //Example: Code fragment
         public enum Card { CLUBS, DIAMONDS, HEARTS, SPADES }
         <!-- Example: XML Schema fragment -->
         <xs:simpleType name="Card">
           <xs:restriction base="xs:string"/>
             <xs:enumeration value="CLUBS"/>
             <xs:enumeration value="DIAMONDS"/>
             <xs:enumeration value="HEARTS"/>
             <xs:enumeration value="SPADES"/>

    Example 2: Map enum constant name(value) -> enumeration facet

         //Example: code fragment
         public enum Coin { 
             @XmlEnumValue("1") PENNY(1),
             @XmlEnumValue("5") NICKEL(5),
             @XmlEnumValue("10") DIME(10),
             @XmlEnumValue("25") QUARTER(25) }
         <!-- Example: XML Schema fragment -->
         <xs:simpleType name="Coin">
           <xs:restriction base="xs:int">
             <xs:enumeration value="1"/>
             <xs:enumeration value="5"/>
             <xs:enumeration value="10"/>
             <xs:enumeration value="25"/>

    Example 3: Map enum constant name -> enumeration facet

         //Code fragment
         public enum Code {
             @XmlEnumValue("1") ONE,
             @XmlEnumValue("2") TWO;
         <!-- Example: XML Schema fragment -->
         <xs:simpleType name="Code">
           <xs:restriction base="xs:int">
             <xs:enumeration value="1"/>
             <xs:enumeration value="2"/>
    1.6, JAXB 2.0
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      java.lang.String value  
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        java.lang.String value