Class JavaModelInputImpl

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    public class JavaModelInputImpl
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements JavaModelInput

    Purpose:Provide access to an array of JavaClass instances and their associated JavaModel. This class will transform an array of Class objects to an array of JavaClasses.


    • Create an array of JavaClass instances from an array of Classes
    • Return an array of JavaClass objects to be used by the generator
    • Return the JavaModel to be used during generation
    See Also:
    JavaClass, JavaModel, JavaModelInput
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    • Constructor Detail

      • JavaModelInputImpl

        public JavaModelInputImpl​(java.lang.reflect.Type[] types,
                                  JavaModel javaModel)
        This constructor builds an array of JavaClass objects from an array of Types. The JavaModel instance to be used is also set here. This constructor assumes that the a given type in the list will either be a Class or ParameterizedType.
        types -
        javaModel -
      • JavaModelInputImpl

        public JavaModelInputImpl​(java.lang.Class[] classes,
                                  JavaModel javaModel)