Class AbstractContentAssistVisitor.WhenClauseConditionalClauseCollectionHelper

    • Constructor Detail

      • WhenClauseConditionalClauseCollectionHelper

        protected WhenClauseConditionalClauseCollectionHelper​(AbstractContentAssistVisitor visitor)
    • Method Detail

      • buildCollectionExpression

        public CollectionExpression buildCollectionExpression​(WhenClause expression)
        Either returns the given Expression's child, which is already a CollectionExpression or requests this helper to return a "virtual" CollectionExpression that is wrapping the single element.
        expression - The parent of the children to retrieve
        The given expression's child or a "virtual" one
      • hasDelimiterAfterIdentifier

        public boolean hasDelimiterAfterIdentifier​(WhenClause expression)
        Determines whether a delimiter like a whitespace or an open parenthesis was parsed after the identifier.
        expression - The Expression being visited
        true if something is present; false otherwise