Class FromClauseStateObject

    • Constructor Detail

      • FromClauseStateObject

        public FromClauseStateObject​(SelectStatementStateObject parent)
        Creates a new FromClauseStateObject.
        parent - The parent of this state object, which cannot be null
        java.lang.NullPointerException - The given parent cannot be null
    • Method Detail

      • declarationBNF

        protected java.lang.String declarationBNF()
        Returns the BNF of the declaration part of this clause.
        Specified by:
        declarationBNF in class AbstractFromClauseStateObject
        The BNF of the declaration part of this clause
      • findManagedType

        public IManagedType findManagedType​(StateObject stateObject)
        Returns the IManagedType for the given identification variable. If the declaration is for a subquery and there is no managed type associated with the identification then the search will traverse up the query hierarchy.
        SELECT e FROM Department d JOIN KEY(d.employees).addresses a
        In the above query, the managed type associated with the identification variable:
        • d is "Department"
        • a is "Address"
        stateObject - The StateObject that should be an simple identification variable or an encapsulated identification variable with the identifier KEY or VALUE
        The IManagedType representing the domain object declared by the given identification variable
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      • setExpression

        public void setExpression​(FromClause expression)
        Keeps a reference of the parsed object object, which should only be done when this object is instantiated during the conversion of a parsed JPQL query into StateObjects.
        expression - The parsed object representing a FROM expression