Class ReportQueryResultCollection

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      Constructor Description
      Instantiates a new report query result collection.
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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      void addItem​(ReportQueryResultListItem item)
      Adds the item.
      void addLink​( link)
      Adds the link.
      java.lang.Integer getCount()
      Gets the total number of records in the current response.
      java.lang.Boolean getHasMore()
      Returns true if collection has more
      java.util.List<ReportQueryResultListItem> getItems()  
      java.lang.Integer getLimit()
      Gets the limit.
      java.util.List<> getLinks()
      Gets the links.
      java.lang.Integer getOffset()
      Gets the offset.
      void setCount​(java.lang.Integer count)
      Sets the count.
      void setHasMore​(java.lang.Boolean hasMore)
      Sets hasMore
      void setItems​(java.util.List<ReportQueryResultListItem> items)  
      void setLimit​(java.lang.Integer limit)
      Sets the limit.
      void setLinks​(java.util.List<> links)
      Sets the links.
      void setOffset​(java.lang.Integer offset)
      Sets the offset.
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