Class XMLRoot

  • public class XMLRoot
    extends org.eclipse.persistence.internal.oxm.Root

    XMLRoot is used to hold an Object along with the corresponding QName and some other related information. Typically this is used when the object is marshalled/unmarshalled to a QName other than the defaultRootElement set on the XMLDescriptor.

    XMLRoot objects can be returned from XMLUnmarshaller unmarshal operations and can be given to XMLMarshaller.marshal operations. They may also be in values return by XMLAnyCollectionMappings and XMLAnyObjectMappings.

    • Field Summary

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        declaredType, encoding, localName, namespaceUri, nil, noNamespaceSchemaLocation, prefix, rootObject, schemaLocation, schemaType, xmlVersion
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        equals, getDeclaredType, getEncoding, getLocalName, getNamespaceURI, getNoNamespaceSchemaLocation, getObject, getSchemaLocation, getSchemaType, getXMLVersion, hashCode, isNil, setDeclaredType, setEncoding, setLocalName, setNamespaceURI, setNil, setNoNamespaceSchemaLocation, setObject, setSchemaLocation, setSchemaType, setVersion
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      • XMLRoot

        public XMLRoot()