Class WebLogic_10_Platform

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        protected static final java.lang.String SERVER_SPECIFIC_MODULENAME_PROPERTY
        This persistence.xml or sessions.xml property is used to override the moduleName
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        protected static final java.lang.String SERVER_SPECIFIC_APPLICATIONNAME_PROPERTY
        This persistence.xml or sessions.xml property is used to override the applicationName
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      • WebLogic_10_Platform

        public WebLogic_10_Platform​(DatabaseSession newDatabaseSession)
        INTERNAL: Default Constructor: All behavior for the default constructor is inherited
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      • getMBeanServer

        public getMBeanServer()
        INTERNAL: Return the MBeanServer to be used for MBean registration and deregistration.
        This MBeanServer reference is lazy loaded and cached on the platform.
        There are multiple ways of getting the MBeanServer

        1) MBeanServerFactory static function - working for 3 of 4 servers WebSphere, JBoss and Glassfish in a generic way
        - JBoss returns 2 MBeanServers in the List - but one of them has a null domain - we don't use that one
        - WebLogic may return 2 MBeanServers - in that case we want to register with the one containing the "com.bea" tree 2) ManagementFactory static function - what is the difference in using this one over the one returning a List of servers
        3) JNDI lookup
        4) Direct server specific native API

        We are using method (3)
        getMBeanServer in class JMXServerPlatformBase
        the JMX specification MBeanServer
      • getVendorConnectionMethod

        protected java.lang.reflect.Method getVendorConnectionMethod()
        Return the method for the WebLogic JDBC connection wrapper vendorConnection. WLS added a getVendorConnectionSafe that does not invalidate the connection, so use this if available.
        getVendorConnectionMethod in class WebLogicPlatform