Class DynamicSchemaManager

  • public class DynamicSchemaManager
    extends SchemaManager
    Extended SchemaManager to handle the creation of tables for dynamic types. TODO: Handle the case where the provided session uses an external transaction controller or is from an external connection pool. In these cases a custom direct connection must be created cloning the minimal state needed from the primary session.
    dclarke, mnorman
    EclipseLink 1.2
    • Constructor Detail

      • DynamicSchemaManager

        public DynamicSchemaManager​(DatabaseSession session)
    • Method Detail

      • createTables

        public void createTables​(DynamicType... entityTypes)
        Create the database tables for one or more entityTypes. TODO: At present this method will create all tables that do not exist. It needs to be made specific to the entityTypes.
        entityTypes -
      • createTables

        public void createTables​(boolean generateFKConstraints,
                                 DynamicType... entityTypes)
      • createTables

        public void createTables​(boolean generateFKConstraints,
                                 java.util.Collection<DynamicType> entityTypes)