Class Version


public class Version extends Object
This class stores variables for the version and build numbers that are used in printouts and exceptions.
Eric Gwin
  • Constructor Details

    • Version

      public Version()
  • Method Details

    • getVersionString

      public static String getVersionString()
      Returns version String containing three part version number and build qualifier.
      Version String.
    • getProduct

      public static String getProduct()
    • setProduct

      public static void setProduct(String ProductName)
    • getVersion

      public static String getVersion()
    • getQualifier

      public static String getQualifier()
    • getBuildNumber

      public static String getBuildNumber()
    • getBuildDate

      public static String getBuildDate()
    • getBuildTime

      public static String getBuildTime()
    • getBuildRevision

      public static String getBuildRevision()
    • getBuildType

      public static String getBuildType()
    • printVersion

      public static void printVersion()
    • main

      public static void main(String[] args)