All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MapChangeEvent extends CollectionChangeEvent

Purpose: Define a change event for Map types.

Description: For any object that wishes to use either object change tracking or attribute change tracking, its map attributes need to fire MapChangeEvent in the put or remove methods. In the case of a replace (ie key already exists) both a remove for that key and a put using the new value and old key must be fired.

Responsibilities: Create a MapChangeEvent for an object

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  • Field Details

    • key

      protected Object key
      INTERNAL: The value of the key that was updated.
  • Constructor Details

    • MapChangeEvent

      public MapChangeEvent(Object collectionOwner, String propertyName, Object collectionChanged, Object elementKey, Object elementValue, int changeType, boolean isChangeApplied)
      PUBLIC: Create a MapChangeEvent for an object based on the property name, the updated Map, the new Key and the new Value and change type (add or remove)
  • Method Details

    • getKey

      public Object getKey()
      INTERNAL: Return the change type
    • setKey

      public void setKey(Object key)
      INTERNAL: Set the change type