Class EISDOMRecord

All Implemented Interfaces:
jakarta.resource.cci.MappedRecord, jakarta.resource.cci.Record, Serializable, Cloneable, Map, DOMRecord, org.eclipse.persistence.internal.oxm.record.AbstractMarshalRecord<org.eclipse.persistence.internal.sessions.AbstractSession,org.eclipse.persistence.internal.helper.DatabaseField,XMLMarshaller,NamespaceResolver>, org.eclipse.persistence.internal.oxm.record.AbstractUnmarshalRecord<org.eclipse.persistence.internal.sessions.AbstractSession,org.eclipse.persistence.internal.helper.DatabaseField,XMLUnmarshaller>, org.eclipse.persistence.internal.oxm.record.TransformationRecord, org.eclipse.persistence.internal.oxm.record.XMLRecord<org.eclipse.persistence.internal.sessions.AbstractSession>, Record

public class EISDOMRecord extends DOMRecord implements DOMRecord, jakarta.resource.cci.MappedRecord

An EISDOMRecord is a wrapper for a DOM tree. It provides a Record/Map API on an XML DOM element. This can be used from the platform to wrap adapter XML/DOM records to be used with TopLink XML.

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  • Field Details

    • record

      protected jakarta.resource.cci.Record record
      The original adapter record.
    • recordName

      protected String recordName
      The record name.
    • recordShortDescription

      protected String recordShortDescription
      The record name.
    • domMethod

      protected static Method domMethod
      Used for introspected DOM records.
  • Constructor Details

    • EISDOMRecord

      public EISDOMRecord()
      Default constructor.
    • EISDOMRecord

      public EISDOMRecord(jakarta.resource.cci.Record record, Element dom)
      Create a TopLink record from the JCA adapter record and DOM tree.
    • EISDOMRecord

      public EISDOMRecord(Element dom)
      Create a TopLink record from a DOM tree.
    • EISDOMRecord

      public EISDOMRecord(jakarta.resource.cci.Record record)
      Create a TopLink record from the JCA adapter record. This attempts to introspect the record to retrieve the DOM tree.
  • Method Details

    • getRecord

      public jakarta.resource.cci.Record getRecord()
      Return the JCA adapter record.
    • setRecord

      public void setRecord(jakarta.resource.cci.Record record)
      Set the JCA adapter record.
    • getRecordShortDescription

      public String getRecordShortDescription()
      Forward to the record.
      Specified by:
      getRecordShortDescription in interface jakarta.resource.cci.Record
    • setRecordShortDescription

      public void setRecordShortDescription(String recordShortDescription)
      Forward to the record.
      Specified by:
      setRecordShortDescription in interface jakarta.resource.cci.Record
    • getRecordName

      public String getRecordName()
      Forward to the record.
      Specified by:
      getRecordName in interface jakarta.resource.cci.Record
    • setRecordName

      public void setRecordName(String recordName)
      Forward to the record.
      Specified by:
      setRecordName in interface jakarta.resource.cci.Record
    • buildNestedRow

      public XMLRecord buildNestedRow(Element element)
      INTERNAL: Build the nested record, this can be overwriten by subclasses to use their subclass instance.
      buildNestedRow in class DOMRecord