Class AnnotationProxy

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    public class AnnotationProxy
    extends Object
    implements InvocationHandler

    Purpose:The purpose of this class is to act as a dynamic proxy that allows JDK Annotation method calls to be made on a non Annotation object.


    • Create and return a dynamic proxy instance based on an Annotation class and a Map of components (method name to value pairs)
    • Allow JDK Annotation method calls to be invoked on the proxy object

    This class provides a means to invoke JDK Annotation method calls on a non Annotation instance.

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      • getProxy

        public static <A extends Annotation> A getProxy​(Map<String,​Object> components,
                                                        Class<A> annoClass,
                                                        ClassLoader cl,
                                                        org.eclipse.persistence.internal.helper.ConversionManager conversionMgr)
        This is the preferred way to obtain an instance of a dynamic proxy. The method takes a ClassLoader (which is used to load the target Annotation), a Class (which indicates the target Annotation, i.e. jakarta.xml.bind.annotation.XmlElement.class), and a Map of method name to value pairs, which represent the method names on the Annotation and the values that are to be returned from each method call. For example, if this proxy is to be used for an @XmlElement, the Map should contain the following keys:
        • defaultValue
        • name
        • namespace
        • nillable
        • required
        • type
        Following are example key/value pairs :
        • "defaultValue", "##default"
        • "name", "employee"
        • "namespace", ""
        • "nillable", false
        • "required", false
        • "type", jakarta.xml.bind.annotation.XmlElement.DEFAULT.class
        components - Map of method name/value pairs for this proxy instance
        annoClass - The interface for the proxy class to implement
        cl - The ClassLoader to define the proxy class
        conversionMgr - ConversionManager instance for converting to the correct return type in the invoke method
        A dynamic proxy instance based on a Java model JavaAnnotation
      • getComponents

        public Map<String,​Object> getComponents()
        Return the Map of method name/value pairs for this proxy instance.
        Map of method name/value pairs for this proxy instance
      • invoke

        public Object invoke​(Object proxy,
                             Method method,
                             Object[] args)
                      throws Throwable
        Invoke a given Method on this proxy. The component Map will be accessed using the given Method's name, and if an entry exists, the associated value is returned.
        Specified by:
        invoke in interface InvocationHandler
        proxy - Satisfy the InvocationHandler interface - not used
        method - The Method instance corresponding to the interface method invoked on the proxy instance
        args - Satisfy the InvocationHandler interface - not used
        The value from the method invocation on the proxy instance