Interface XMLAttachmentUnmarshaller

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    public interface XMLAttachmentUnmarshaller

    Purpose: Provides an interface through which EclipseLink can allow a user to do special handling for Binary Data. This is used for fields mapped using an XMLBinaryDataMapping to retrieve the binary data during an unmarshal based on a swaRef or MTOM id. If isXOPPackage returns false, then no other methods on this interface will be called, and it will be assumed that all binary mapped fields have been inlined as base64.

    See Also:
    XMLBinaryDataMapping, XMLAttachmentMarshaller
    • Method Detail

      • getAttachmentAsDataHandler

        jakarta.activation.DataHandler getAttachmentAsDataHandler​(String id)
      • getAttachmentAsByteArray

        byte[] getAttachmentAsByteArray​(String id)
      • isXOPPackage

        boolean isXOPPackage()