Class WebLogicPlatform

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public class WebLogicPlatform extends JMXServerPlatformBase
PUBLIC: This is the concrete subclass responsible for representing WebLogic-specific server behavior.

This platform overrides:

  • getExternalTransactionControllerClass(): to use the WebLogic-specific controller class
  • getServerNameAndVersion(): to call the WebLogic library for this information
  • Field Details

    • weblogicConnectionClass

      protected Class weblogicConnectionClass
      Cached WLS connection class used to reflectively check connections and unwrap them.
    • vendorConnectionMethod

      protected Method vendorConnectionMethod
      Cached WLConnection.getVendorConnection() Method used for unwrapping connections.
    • clearStatementCacheMethod

      protected Method clearStatementCacheMethod
      Cached WLConnection.clearStatementCache() Method used for clearing statement cache.
    • shouldClearStatementCache

      protected boolean shouldClearStatementCache
      Indicates whether WLConnection.clearStatementCache() should be called: there is no need to call it in WebLogic Server 10.3.4 or later.
  • Constructor Details

    • WebLogicPlatform

      public WebLogicPlatform(DatabaseSession newDatabaseSession)
      INTERNAL: Default Constructor: All behavior for the default constructor is inherited.
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