Class ComplexQueryResult


public class ComplexQueryResult extends Object

Purpose: Used to return multiple sets of information from a query. This is used if the objects and rows are required to be returned.

Responsibilities: Hold both the result of the query and the row results.

James Sutherland
  • Field Details

    • result

      protected Object result
    • data

      protected Object data
  • Constructor Details

    • ComplexQueryResult

      public ComplexQueryResult()
  • Method Details

    • getData

      public Object getData()
      PUBLIC: Return the database rows for the query result.
    • getResult

      public Object getResult()
      PUBLIC: Return the result of the query.
    • setData

      public void setData(Object data)
      INTERNAL: Set the database rows for the query result.
    • setResult

      public void setResult(Object result)
      INTERNAL: Set the result of the query.