Class SQLResult

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
ColumnResult, ConstructorResult, EntityResult

public abstract class SQLResult extends Object implements Serializable

Purpose: An abstract superclass that represents the commonalities between the main result types of the SQLResultSetMapping

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Gordon Yorke
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  • Constructor Details

    • SQLResult

      public SQLResult()
  • Method Details

    • convertClassNamesToClasses

      public void convertClassNamesToClasses(ClassLoader classLoader)
      INTERNAL: Convert all the class-name-based settings in this SQLResult to actual class-based settings. This method is used when converting a project that has been built with class names to a project with classes.
      classLoader -
    • getSQLResultMapping

      public SQLResultSetMapping getSQLResultMapping()
      INTERNAL: Return the SQLResultSetMapping this SQLResult is part of.
    • isColumnResult

      public boolean isColumnResult()
      Return true if this is a column result.
    • isConstructorResult

      public boolean isConstructorResult()
      Return true if this is a constructor result.
    • isEntityResult

      public boolean isEntityResult()
      Return true if this is an entity result.
    • setSQLResultMapping

      public void setSQLResultMapping(SQLResultSetMapping mapping)
      INTERNAL: Set the SQLResultSetMapping this SQLResult is part of.
    • getValueFromRecord

      public abstract Object getValueFromRecord(DatabaseRecord record, ResultSetMappingQuery query)
      INTERNAL: This method is a convenience method for extracting values from Results