Class JAXBValueStore

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public class JAXBValueStore extends Object implements ValueStore
The JAXBValueStore enables a DataObject to access data from a POJO. The link between an SDO property and a POJO property is through their XML representation. For the POJO property this corresponds to its JAXB mapping.
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    • initialize

      public void initialize(DataObject aDataObject)
      Initialize the value store with its associated DataObject.
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      initialize in interface ValueStore
    • getDeclaredProperty

      public Object getDeclaredProperty(int propertyIndex)
      Get the value from the wrapped POJO, wrapping in DataObjects as necessary.
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      getDeclaredProperty in interface ValueStore
    • setDeclaredProperty

      public void setDeclaredProperty(int propertyIndex, Object value)
      Set the value on the underlying POJO, unwrapping values as necessary.
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      setDeclaredProperty in interface ValueStore
    • isSetDeclaredProperty

      public boolean isSetDeclaredProperty(int propertyIndex)
      For isMany=false properties return true if not null. For collection properties return true if the collection is not empty.
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      isSetDeclaredProperty in interface ValueStore
    • unsetDeclaredProperty

      public void unsetDeclaredProperty(int propertyIndex)
      For isMany=false properties set the value to null. For isMany=true set the value to an empty container of the appropriate type.
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      unsetDeclaredProperty in interface ValueStore
    • getOpenContentProperty

      public Object getOpenContentProperty(Property property)
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      getOpenContentProperty in interface ValueStore
    • setOpenContentProperty

      public void setOpenContentProperty(Property property, Object value)
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      setOpenContentProperty in interface ValueStore
    • isSetOpenContentProperty

      public boolean isSetOpenContentProperty(Property property)
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      isSetOpenContentProperty in interface ValueStore
    • unsetOpenContentProperty

      public void unsetOpenContentProperty(Property property)
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      unsetOpenContentProperty in interface ValueStore
    • setManyProperty

      public void setManyProperty(Property property, Object value)
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      setManyProperty in interface ValueStore
    • copy

      public ValueStore copy()
      Description copied from interface: ValueStore
      Get a shallow copy of the original ValueStore. Changes made to the copy must not impact the original ValueStore
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      copy in interface ValueStore